People are always asking me, "Hey Anthony, what tools do you use to do that thing?"

And if you know me, you know I am always happy to share.  I don't keep secrets.  There's plenty of business for everyone.

Sooo...Here they are!

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This particular resource is in no way specifically focused on the real estate industry but that's probably what makes it incredibly valuable.  You see I have learned more about selling real estate by studying other industries and how they operate.  You have to admit that the same old traditional ways of selling real estate are quite antiquated.  Door knocking, cold calling, pumpkins for Halloween and open houses, while they still have their place, have lost tons of steam over the last couple of decades with the complete takeover of the internet.  So the best thing you can do is adapt and conquer.

This book teaches you how to use your own voice and experience to get people online AND offline.

The book is free.  Just pay for shipping.  I changed the way I market my business because of it.

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Content Creation for Real Estate

Google News - It blows me away when people tell me they don't know what to write about.  The process is simple.  Look at what's hot in the news TODAY and create your own commentary on the subject.  People may warn you to not be too controversial in your view but that's a personal preference.  For extra authority, include the link to the original article you read.  It will show you're up on what's current.

Done For You Real Estate Articles (<<Click Link For Access).  This is in my opinion one of the best places for done for you created content for your blog.  The articles are well written, easy to read and feature nice images.  I prefer this over a Fiverr article because new articles are published several days per week and for the super low cost I can get 20-ish articles per month that are top notch versus a small handful of articles that you don't know what the end result will be.

Fiverr - is great for lots of other things.  If you need a logo, or some other graphic.  How about a voice over for your voice mail.  Why don't you have Christoper Walken call one of your past clients for some fun.  Maybe you need a cool business card design.  Go ahead and check them out.  These links are to some of my favorites.

Your Brain! - What do you have to say?  Well then, say it!


Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

I've been in this business for 20+ years and there was one thing I KNEW that I had to do and that was manage my contacts in such a way that they would never ever forget about me and what I do.

This is probably one of the most important aspects of my business.  Staying in touch with past clients, prospects and even just acquaintances I have met over the years has netted me a whole bunch of money.  This is one thing you don't want to get wrong.  This is more important than any marketing you can do.

Statistics tell us that most people say they would happily work with their previous agent but guess what!  Very few people do work with their previous agent.  Why?  Because the agent fails to stay in touch with that person.  It's not the past client's job to remember you.  It's your job to make them remember you.

If you don't have a systematic way of staying in touch with your clients in a consistent fashion, don't be surprised when you see commissions flying out the door.

I have seen many CRM's come and many go.  The ONLY one specifically made for Real Estate that has stood the test of time is Top Producer.  There's no question about it, Top Producer is the industry leader for a reason.  While the other players on the block show up for  a few years, they realize they can't stand against the best Real Estate CRM ever.

I've seen other agents use other programs maybe for a year or two only to find out that the company one day folds and suddenly everything is shut down and all of your data is gone.  That can be devastating.  Top Producer is owned by MOVE Inc, which is the company that owns and ListHub.  They aren't going anywhere.

There's another good reason why you want Top Producer.  Especially if you're with a big broker that provides an in house CRM.  I hear stories every day of agents who decide to make a change to another broker and either the broker locks them out of their program and data altogether or they give the data to other agents after you have left for them to prospect.  It happens more often than you think.

Here is a site you can get the best discounts available on Top Producer.


Your Own (WordPress) Website is Critical

If you're looking for a website that will

  1. Make you proud to send people there
  2. Won't cost you an arm and a leg monthly just for the privilege of using someone's mass produced template
  3. Can be easily updated to fit your style and content so you can become the area expert...

Then you need the Agent Evolution Equity Theme Pack

I've personally built over a hundred of my own sites and I've used everything from the $30 per month templates to the $1500 custom built themes and nothing and I mean NOTHING has compared to the themes that Agent Evolution creates very specifically for Real Estate.

I find it very funny that most website builders build just one site and then they put a picture of a house on it and call it a real estate website or a picture of a drain pipe and call it a plumbers website.  Not with Agent Evolution.  They make sites for real estate and real estate only.

I suggest that you get the Theme Pack because it comes with 5 different themes and if you're like me, you want to change it up once in a while or... build another site separately for a specific community or target group.

Here's where it gets good.  With the themes, you get access to TONS of easy to follow WordPress training.  Trust me, it's not as hard as you might think.  Even for a beginner.  In no time you'll have a gorgeous site set up and you'll be an expert in WordPress which is the basis for me generating over 100 leads per month.

If you just want a do it for you set up, then go with a Turnkey Select Site where they build it for you.

Best WordPress Themes For Real Estate


Automation to Find Leads on Social Media :  If This Then That is a great tool to knock out a lot of the mundane tasks that you know you should be doing every day but just fail to do it.  Build recipes to find those leads on all social media and other sites.  Here's a couple of my favorite recipes:

Find Local Leads on Twitter:
This search will allow you to catch people (even one's you're not following or connected to) who are talking about buying or moving into your area(s).  Create multiple recipes to cover cities, counties, zip codes ect.  Use your imagination and go crazy.  When you get a lead, establish a relationship by sending a link to an interesting article on your blog site or other lead capture page.

Find Garage Sales on Craigslist
We know the odds are that if someone is clearing out the junk and clutter, it's because they're on the move.  Be the first to connect with them in a casual environment like a garage sale and you'll increase your chances of getting that listing way before anyone else.


YouTube Marketing for Real Estate   -   One of the best video marketing courses I've ever taken.

Copy and paste this link in your browser and take advantage of everything they teach freely (currently).  These guys put on a webinar where they charge you about $200 for access to this program but then they just leave the front door open for anyone to walk right in.  I'm sure it's part of their overall marketing strategy to get you in to buy their other products so learn what you can for free while it's still available.